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What is Sailwars?

SailWars is an NFT game that amalgamates SLG strategy warfare, simulation management, plundering, PvP battles, and alliance battles. The game is set in medieval naval warfare, where players can erect their own empires upon the vast sea, vie for maritime supremacy against fellow players, create partnerships, and take part in conflicts to take the treasure together! The game utilizes similar gameplay to that of Cok, where players can completely savor the enchantment of strategy games by amassing resources, establishing cities, scientific and technological R&D, naval enlargement, etc.

Game Features:

  1. Take charge of your own fleet and recreate historic naval battles: This game brings to life famous naval admirals and notable battles from history. Players can recruit renowned generals like Cleveland and Drake, take command of their fleet, and relive battles like Marseilles, experiencing true competition for supremacy at sea.

  2. Organize and improve your fleet's strength through technology: The game offers a wide selection of historical ships for players to choose from, organizing their fleets according to technical and tactical knowledge. Players can continuously unlock new ships through research and development to enhance their fleet's efficiency and combat prowess, creating their own unbeatable armada.

  3. Dynamic and intense naval battles: The game boasts an advanced naval battle system and stunning visual effects. Players can operate their naval guns, attacking enemy ships and engaging in pulse-pounding street battles. Control each warship's movement and formation to fully enjoy the rush of naval warfare.

  4. Free exploration and business opportunities: The game's vast open sea allows players to explore, trade, and develop resources. Players can also build and manage fortresses on land, combining it with their naval endeavors in search of a more exciting gaming experience.

  5. Online battles for the added challenge: The game provides online battle mode, allowing players to compete against each other in naval battles, vying for control of the sea and resources. Players can improve their strength and tactics through thrilling PK combat, in pursuit of greater competitive honors.

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